1. The student should be punctual to the classes and regular in attendance.

2. Leave for unavoidable reasons must be applied in advance and must be recommended by the class teacher.

3. All leave applications should be addressed to the Headmaster or to the in-charge and sanction obtained before availing the leave.

4. Physical education is compulsory for all the students.

5. All the students should attend the school in time with uniform.

6. All the students should participate in assemblies, prayers, functions and all other activities of the Vidyalaya.

7. Community work is an essential aspect of Vidyalaya institutions. Therefore all the students should participate in community work such as cleaning the class rooms and school campus, maintaining playgrounds, laying roads etc.

8. Students’ progress will be assessed through periodical examinations, assignments, projects, quiz, weekly tests, monthly tests, mid-term examinations, unit tests; volume tests, small class room slip tests and full portion examinations etc., and it will be informed to the parents.